JDT vs Pahang FA Liga Super 03-03-2017|en

JDT vs Pahang FA Liga Super 03-03-2017
[ 03-03-2017 ]

JDT vs Pahang FA Liga Super 03-03-2017

The event of JDT vs Pahang FA Liga Super 2017 is be waiting by most of football fan because it is known as the seventeenth match between these two teams in Super League 2017. The following is some details on the match.

1.      Overview of two teams before match

This seventeenth match between JDT vs Pahang FA in Super League 2017 is an expected sports event because this match will be really interesting with the extremely good performance of Pahang FA team in this season. This team is currently in the second position in teams of Super League 2017 behind Kedah FA. Pahang FA certainly mobilize the most excellent players and will beat 100% JDT on the hallowed stadium Larkin later. Recently, they have beaten Penang FA team with a huge network of 6-1.  For JDT, this is the time for all players to practice and prepare a good strategy to compete with Pahang FA without complacent. Especially, they will be more cautious to defend the midfield and all players have to play more creatively.

Hopefully, the match between JDT vs Pahang FA Super League 2017 will have a good result for JDT team and can main consistent performance as well as play hard at home in order to be proved that JDT still a team which still shows stiff competition. Hopefully, JDT will make its fans disappointed and show them a high commitment with a real football game. For Southern Tigers fans who attend in the tournament will maintain discipline and keep the good name of JDT team as well as show a civilized sportsmanship as supporting for Johor Panang FA highly.

2.      How to follow the match between Pahang FA and JDT

On Friday, March 3 2017, the match JDT and the Elephants, Pahang football will take place in Malaysia Super League season 2017. JDT will not miss the opportunity to play well in front of their own fans to attain important three points after beating Sarawak in the last match. However, JDT should also not underestimate the capability of Pahang team instead of honor team which beat PKNS FC with the score 3-0 in the game last week.

Undoubtedly, this will be a game with full of drama between both sets of fan who would like to see their team’s capability to get points and take the highest position for team. Of course, they also want to see the sustainability performances of the team for the next rival match. The match will start at 9a.m on Friday at Larkin Stadium and it will be lived streaming.